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Recently a television executive called a competitor “a propaganda network.” That begged the question, what was his network, which was at the opposite end of the political spectrum to the one he was criticizing? Today it has become harder to discern fact from fiction and how some news stories are presented often skewing to the left or the right—liberal or conservative—depending on who’s reporting it.

What is Propaganda? is a publication that was created in 1944 to explain and thoroughly define exactly what propaganda is and the difference between good and bad propaganda with the help of Disney’s Donald Duck. As the pamphlet notes, propaganda isn’t an easy thing to define, but most agree that it has to do with any ideas or beliefs that are intentionally propagated.

There are different kinds of propaganda that can run from selfish, deceitful and subversive all the way to honest and aboveboard promotion of things that are genuine and good. Propaganda can be concealed or open, emotional or containing appeals to reason, or a combination of both.

In this precise and through examination, What is Propaganda? is an insightful fifty-two page pamphlet that is as accurate and timely today as it was when first published. As you read it, just replace “Hitler” or “Goebbels” with your favorite Politician you dislike and swap out the “Nazi Party” with any political party you don’t agree with today. By doing so, the information in this pamphlet becomes as illuminating and relevant as it did when it was first published.

What is Propaganda? will surprise you by the eye-opening explanation of propaganda and how it is being used in today’s media to distort, skew and manipulate information that is being disseminated through different media outlets. You will learn how to spot both good and bad propaganda and make more intelligent and informed opinions on your own based on today’s news stories regardless of where it originates.