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  • BY: Jeffrey Price and Diane Kline
  • ISBN: 9781735769196
  • PAGES: 40

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Children- and adults, too- need to know that many people don’t feel that they fit into their families. Maybe they look different, are adopted or fostered, are gay or trans, or have different hobbies and talents. And sometimes, they don’t feel like they fit in at school or at work. THE REMARKABLE RED CROW shows us how an outcast bird finds a loving family where he is accepted, especially for his red feathers. And if Rusty can find a place where he belongs, we all can!


THE REMARKABLE RED CROW espouses the virtues of love, respect, and kindness through the sweet story of Jeffrey. Through his journey to acceptance, we learn of the powerful bond of family and unconditional love. Rusty will inspire and educate young children and adults alike! A true gift for all readers!”

— SUSAN W. Nall PH.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Edwardsville School of Education


  1. Queens

    Discover the heartwarming tale of ‘The Remarkable Red Crow,’ where differences are celebrated and acceptance shines through. Through the journey of Rusty, an outcast bird, readers of all ages learn the importance of love, respect, and kindness. This touching story beautifully captures the essence of finding where one truly belongs and the strength of unconditional love. A must-read that resonates with children and adults alike, fostering understanding and empathy.

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