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The House of the Future : Pop-up Card

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This limited-edition, numbered pop-up card is inspired by the plastic House of the Future, which was a free corporate sponsored attraction at Disneyland from 1957 to 1967. The house was a collaboration between Monsanto’s Plastic Division, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) architectural and civil engineering departments, and WED Enterprises.
The purpose of this house was to use plastics in the overall structure of the home and to develop new plastic building materials for the construction industry. It also showcased futuristic ventilation heating and cooling, communications, lighting, fabrics, kitchen technology, and other materials integrated into an entirely new efficient home design.
The design of the house was revolutionary for its time and showcased a living environment complete with convenient space-age devices and gadgets envisioned for thirty years in the future. Although microwave ovens and flat panel televisions are ubiquitous in homes today, they were visionary cutting-edge technology and concepts in 1957.
This house of the future was in a tranquil setting, inspired by Japanese landscaping, at th entrance to Tomorrowland. It was an instant success at Disneyland and was ultimately visited by more than twenty million park guests over its ten-year existence as an attraction. The attraction was closed on December 1, 1967, and was demolished. As Walt Disney once said, “…the only problem with anything of tomorrow is that at the pace we’re going right now, tomorrow would catch up with us before we got it built.”

There are only 500 of these limited-edition pop-up cards; get yours while you can!


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