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Ghost Dog: A Novel

  • Author-Signed
  • By: Bob Weis
  • Illustrations by: George Scribner
  • ISBN: 9798987058923
  • Pages: 280 / Hardcover
  • Special Feature: Glow-in-the-Dark cover elements

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Feature: Glow-in-the-Dark Cover & Spine
Get set for a white-knuckle journey into magic and adventure as the impossible becomes the new normal! Herbert recently lost his beloved dog. His parents take him to Disneyland to cheer him up. Herbert rides The Haunted Mansion, and on this fateful night, a ghost really does follow him home.

And not just any ghost, Herbert finds himself trying to keep a GHOST DOG, which only he can see, a secret. But Herbert is acting weird, and his parents and best friend Kasey know something is wrong. They try therapists, mystics, and even a seance back at Disneyland.

But things only get worse. Herbert’s new Ghost Dog attracts other ghosts from the mansion, and they are a rowdy bunch who turn Herbert’s otherwise normal family upside down. To get the ghosts back where they belong, the family goes on a wild adventure across the country chasing science, design technology, braving ghostly occurrences, and nearly getting lost in a storm. Will they make it in time? Will Herbert be able to say goodbye to his ghost friends and his new Ghost Dog?

GHOST DOG is a thrilling family adventure whether you love dogs, ghosts, Disneyland, or all of the above!


Bob Weis’s GHOST DOG is a fun, page-turning adventure inspired by The Haunted Mansion that’s sure to bring the magic of the parks into your home! Disneyland has been a giant source of inspiration for many generations of artists and storytellers–– including myself! Its influence radiates through the story.”

Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios, Chief Creative Officer, Marvel


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About The Author

"My enthusiasm for writing never stops" - John Doe

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