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Disneyland Hotel The Early Years
Disneyland Hotel The Early Years
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  • BY: Donald W. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9781732602090
  • PAGES: 136

How do you build a hotel that, in its way, creates the same joy as Disneyland—that sets the stage for a visit to the Magic Kingdom and sustains the happy mood when that visit is over? These are just some of the questions which confronted Jack Wrather when he sat down with members of his staff to plan the official Hotel at Disneyland.

The idea for the project was born when Mr. Wrather and Walt Disney got together for lunch one spring day in 1954. A year later, the Hotel came into being.

Author Don Ballard takes the reader on an in-depth journey behind the scenes of the famed Disneyland Hotel from its inception through its opening day. And the myriad of changes and expansions that followed. Ballard’s insightful writing and attention to detail brings an insider’s view of the Hotel to the forefront with many surprising and remarkable stories that shaped this world-famous resort.

Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years 1954—1988 is a complete, updated second edition that includes new high-resolution photos and updated details. This highly-illustrated book is a must-have addition to any Disneyphile’s library or for anyone who has fond memories of staying at the Disneyland Hotel during the exciting early years of the Disneyland Resort.