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Disneyland Hotel - The Little Motel in the Middle of the Orange Grove
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  • BY: Donald W. Ballard
  • ISBN: 978-0976877905
  • PAGES: 136

Since the book “Disneyland Hotel, the Early Years 1954-1988” was published in July of 2005, Don received an enormous amount of new information, photographs, documents, testimonials, brochures and other items detailing the rich history of the fabulous Disneyland Hotel. These new materials (which includes an amazing vault find with extremely rare and some not ever seen by the public photographs and films) will help further document the history of this landmark facility and fill in many of the gaps, dates, and information regarding the Disneyland Hotel.


This edition is devoted to the years 1954 to 1959 from the details surrounding the initial talks with Walt & Roy Disney and Jack Wrather to the many additions and expansions to the building of the Disneyland Hotel in its pre-Tower configuration. Filled with over 300 photographs and beautifully designed with 50’s period graphics and design.