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Disney In-Between: The Lost Years 1966-1986

  • Author-Signed
  • By: Stephen Anderson
  • ISBN: 9798987058947
  • Pages: 504 / Hardcover

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Embark on an enthralling journey with Disney In-Between, spanning the transformative era from Walt Disney’s 1966 passing to the studio’s triumphant resurgence in the vibrant mid-80s, under the visionary stewardship of Roy E. Disney, Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Uncover the riveting tale of how this once-independent, family-driven movie powerhouse, renowned for its innovation and forward-thinking, faltered amidst seismic disruptions. Through exclusive interviews with the brilliant minds behind cinematic gems like The Rescuers, Pete’s Dragon, Freaky Friday, The Black Hole, The Fox and the Hound, Tron, Never Cry Wolf, and The Black Cauldron, gain unprecedented insight into a studio shackled by tradition, veering away from Walt Disney’s legacy of innovation.

But the story doesn’t end there. Disney In-Between illuminates the rise of a new generation of filmmakers and leaders, fueled by a profound love for Disney’s enchantment, yet unencumbered by its history. Together, they shattered boundaries, paving the way for a future defined by growth and unparalleled success.

In Disney In-Between: The Lost Years 1966-1986, a saga of transformation, resilience, and unwavering passion for storytelling emerges, reminding us that even amidst challenges, the enduring magic of Disney prevails.


“The remarkable burst of creativity known today as the “Animation Renaissance” is dependent on the down and dirty story of what happened in the 20 years between Walt Disney’s passing and the development of a new generation who picked up the torch.  Stephen Anderson’s Disney In-between reminds us that nothing is guaranteed, and that artistry is no accident.”

Thomas Schumacher
Former President Disney Feature Animation
Chief Creative Officer Disney Theatrical Productions
Producer, Broadway’s THE LION KING

“Stephen Anderson has written a book that every Disney fan has been waiting for (especially those who grew up with these films) and which sheds new light on the fascinating and challenging ‘lost years’ at the Walt Disney Studios between the death of Walt Disney and the coming of the Eisner-Wells-Katzenberg era…His research and firsthand accounts from key players is groundbreaking and his entertaining writing style and appreciation for the films of that era make this a valuable addition to the Disney canon…”

—Howard Green, VP of Communications for Walt Disney Animation


Disney Inbetween is an enthralling journey through a pivotal chapter in Disney’s history, tracing the studio’s struggle and ultimate triumph from the aftermath of Walt Disney’s passing to its revival under Roy E. Disney, Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. With illuminating interviews from the creative forces behind beloved films, Stephen Anderson’s book unveils the studio’s remarkable transformation, shedding light on the legacy of innovation that has defined Disney’s enduring magic. An inspiring tale of resilience and evolution that captivates the imagination. A must read for any Disney enthusiast.”

David A. Bossert, author of The House of the Future and
The Nightmare Before Christmas Visual Companion

“At long last! This is the book about Disney history I have been waiting for more than 30 years. Stephen Anderson’s year-by-year account of the period between Walt Disney’s death and the Renaissance of Disney animation is researched with care, visually striking, thoroughly entertaining and a page-turner to boot. Thanks to this masterful volume, light is finally shining bright on those years full of drama and promise known to some as Disney’s “dark ages.”

—Didier Ghez, author of the Walt’s People series and
The Origins of Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures


“Stephen Anderson has written a highly important book. Disney In-between chronicles the important Studio transition period that led to what we now refer to as the “Disney Renaissance.” Having known and worked with many of the key players profiled here, I can tell you that Steve’s account is accurate, well-researched, and moreover, no-holds-barred-truthful, about both the difficulties and the triumphs of a group of artists who wanted to see Disney return to its glory days. It was a bumpy, contentious period, but the survivors gave us what many consider to be Disney Animation’s finest films. Bravo!

—Eric Goldberg, Animator / Director,
Walt Disney Animation Studios


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