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BY: Matt Mason

ISBN: 9781735769134

PAGES: 80/ Flex Cover/ Author-signed

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At The Corner of Fantasy and Main is about more than Disneyland, midlife, and churros. It’s about how our heart is sometimes more reliable than our memory and how places that are touchstones in our lives stay with us in ways that don’t always seem to make sense. And, well, it’s about Disneyland, midlife, and churros.

Author Matt Mason is the Nebraska State Poet and recipient of a Pushcart Prize and several book awards. Through the US State Department, he has run workshops in Botswana, Romania, Nepal, and Belarus. Mason’s work can be found in The New York Times, NPR’s Morning Edition, American Life in Poetry, and a few hundred other journals and anthologies. Matt is based out of Omaha with his wife, the poet Sarah McKinstry-Brown, and daughters Sophia and Lucia.


  1. Queens

    Delve into a personal journey that encompasses more than just Disneyland, in ‘At The Corner of Fantasy and Main.’ Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason invites readers to explore the intricate connection between memory, places, and the heart. Through engaging storytelling, the book reflects on life’s midpoints, all while celebrating the magic of Disneyland, its churros, and the unexpected ways in which our experiences shape us. Mason’s poignant words and reflections create a heartfelt narrative that resonates deeply.

  2. Jessica Golden Jackson

    Standing At the Corner of Fantasy and Main, Matt Mason gives readers the choice to go in either direction, to choose churros and Space Mountain or to sit broken-hearted on solo flights back to reality. The magic in this work is that both spaces exist simultaneously wound together – a pass to the ride of your choice available at every ticket counter. Oppression rests next to ecstatic exhalations while ghosts urge us to live beyond the confines fantasies create. Our dreams counter our despondence, each breath we take valuable in a world where even the best parades end with street sweepers. And joy? It lies next to grief and love in equal measure, a soft interior covered in cinnamon and sugar, warm and crisp, a salvation for hunger, at least for those of us patient enough to wait in line.

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About The Author

"My enthusiasm for writing never stops" - John Doe

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