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  • BY: David Bossert
  • ISBN: 9781732602045
  • PAGES: 200/ Hardcover/ Author-signed
  • 3D Glasses included

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3D Disneyland: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before showcases a rare, never-before-seen collection of 3D photographs of Walt Disney’s theme park in all its glory. Disneyland is captured in “time and space” from opening week in July 1955 through the 25th Anniversary in 1980 and beyond. See attractions that no longer exist like the Skyway to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, the original Submarine Voyage, Conestoga Wagons, and more along with vantage points that have changed drastically over the decades. 3D Disneyland: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before is full of memories for some and a glimpse into the past for those too young to have visited Disneyland at its beginnings. It will enthrall theme park fans of all ages with its stunning three-dimensional views of a bygone era at the original Disneyland park. 3D Glasses Included!

1 review for 3D DISNEYLAND

  1. Queens

    Relive the enchantment of Walt Disney’s original theme park with ‘3D Disneyland: As You’ve Never Seen It Before.’ This extraordinary book presents a captivating collection of 3D photographs, transporting you through Disneyland’s history from its 1955 opening to its 25th Anniversary and beyond. From long-lost attractions to transformed vantage points, the book offers a unique perspective that both rekindles cherished memories and introduces the park’s early magic to new generations. Complete with 3D glasses, it’s a must-have for all theme park enthusiasts and a nostalgic journey into Disneyland’s past.

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