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The art of george scribner
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  • BY: David A. Bossert
  • ISBN: 9781735769172
  • PAGES: 100

Artist George Scribner visited the Panama Canal Expansion construction site multiple times over an eight-year period as part of a commission from the Panama Canal Authority to document with brush and paint this wonder of the modern world. The Art of George Scribner: The Panama Canal Paintings traces Scribner’s process in capturing the grandeur and majesty of this massive engineering effort in a series of large-scale paintings.

This book explores in detail the artist’s thought process in creating a painting from start to finish. It is very much a tutorial in painting large and small scale structures from drawing in rough shapes to laying in light and dark values to refining the image details to finishing a painting and knowing when it is done. This book is a valuable reference for any artist and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s library who appreciates the intersection of art and history.

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