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  • BY: David A. Bossert

Every year during the Christmas season, holiday themed poems are read aloud or enjoyed silently to help usher in that special time of year. It may be a family tradition passed down from one generation to another or a new one just starting. In this beautifully bound book assembled by The Old Mill Press, readers of all ages will find a delightful collections of Christmas poems to enjoy throughout the season.

Some of the poems are familiar classics like A Visit from St. Nicholas, better known as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore and The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost to lesser known but poignant poems like Wartime Christmas by Joyce Kilmer and the lovely A Nativity By Rudyard Kipling.

Poetry is an artform that has many facets. It is the beauty of words that express feelings, emotions and thoughts through carefully selected words.  One poet called a poem “a thought, caught in the act of dawning.” Another said a poem is a means of bringing the wind in the grasses into the house. Still another stated, even more simply: “Poetry is a pheasant disappearing in the brush.” If you ask many different people what poetry is you’ll get many different answers. That’s because poetry affects each of us differently with its focus on words, how they sound, the textures, verse patterns, word choice and interpretations. All of that creates a verbal music—a rhythm, a cadence, a beat—that creates an emotional response in each of us, deep within our soul.

A Treasury of Christmas Poems is sure to delight and evoke the warm emotions associated with the holiday season. Don’t miss out on starting your own holiday tradition with this timeless collection of holiday verse to enjoy with your family and loved ones throughout the season.

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